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Established in 1990, founder Dilip Sheth set up Golden Meadows Ltd. In the early 90’s Dilip recognised the growth potential in the Import, Export and Wholesale distribution market and decided to start his own business. Now, the company is established as a leader in a competitive distribution market.

Along with his wife, Nila, and dedicated staff, they have worked hard to establish themselves in an economical market, and are now the sole distributors of their leading brand Koka, as well as Tibet & Kohinoor cosmetics and Double Elephant Rice. Golden Meadows Ltd also distributes a wide range of other products.

As a family run business, Golden Meadows Ltd prides itself on its loyalty and commitment towards all existing customers and gladly welcomes any new business.

Their existing stockists include major supermarkets, cash and carry and Independent Retailers, providing them with a varied network of locations to market and sell their products. Golden Meadows Ltd also exports to a number of European countries.

Exclusive Distributor

We are the sole distributors of Koka Noodles in U.K and Ireland, and have been for two decades. .



We pride ourselves on our ability to meet diverse international markets. This is achieved by providing an unparallel quality of service. At Golden Meadows, it is our policy of quality first that enables us to offer the end customer the best possible service. We welcome discussions with any company wishing to introduce their products into the UK and international market.